Wendell Piez





Designer and builder of electronic publishing systems, available for contract work.





2012 - current Independent consultant operating as Piez Consulting Services (Rockville MD).

2008 - current Adjunct faculty, University of Illinois GSLIS (Graduate School of Information Science). Responsible for teaching LIS 590DPL, “Document Processing”.

1998-2012 Employed at Mulberry Technologies, Inc. (Rockville, MD). Mulberry is a premier vendor of services in the XML and SGML industry. I built and supported internal systems (inevitably XML-based systems); worked for clients (demonstrating and building with XSLT, XSL-FO, Schematron and other languages, providing design and strategic services); and participated with colleagues in industry activities such as our annual conference series.

1995-1997 At the Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities (Rutgers and Princeton Universities), I developed prototype SGML applications in the humanities for research and demonstration.

1991-1995 Taught various courses in the Rutgers English Department including composition and rhetoric. Worked as a Project Archivist in the Rutgers Special Collections and University Archives.

1985-1991 Attended graduate school at Rutgers University Department of English (New Brunswick, NJ), where I focused on poetry, rhetoric and aesthetic theory. In Walter Pater’s Aesthetic Discipline (1991), I dissertated on the work of Walter Pater (1839-1894) in consideration of his concept of “ascesis”. Won awards for papers. MA (1986), PhD (1991).

1980-1985 Attended Yale College (New Haven, CT). Studied mostly European languages and literatures including English and Anglo-Saxon, Ancient Greek and Latin, and German. Majored in Classics (BA 1984, Ancient Greek), concentrating on literature and ancient philosophy.

Before 1980 Attended high school at the American School in Japan (Tokyo, Japan). Science and computer whiz. Scored 800 (top score) on ETS Math Level II Achievement Test. Played with microcomputer technology and early PCs (eg TRS-80). Learned BASIC and 6502 Assembler. Provided informal technical support to a range of clients (classmates, teachers and employers). Collaborated to solve technical problems with partners (classmates, my dad). In earlier years my family was posted in Reston, VA, Manila (Philippines), Kabul (Afghanistan), and Frankfurt (Germany).

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