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<name>Wendell Piez</name>
<addr type="email" domain="wendellpiez.com">wapiez</addr>
<addr type="email" domain="gmail.com">wendellpiez</addr>
<addr type="web">www.wendellpiez.com</addr>
<summary>Designer and builder of electronic publishing systems, available for contract work.</summary>
<point>Aim for the <theme>simplest</theme> and <theme>most elegant</theme> solution possible to fit the problem or address the need.</point>
<point>Automation and programming demand more craft and care, not less. <theme>Aesthetics matter</theme>.</point>
<point>Simplify a problem by refactoring it: this requires <theme>imagination</theme> as well as an <theme>awareness of context</theme> to address and solve problems at a high level while not forgetting <theme>what is practical</theme>.</point>
<point>Even the most ingenious invention is of limited use if those who come after don’t know how to use it. <theme>Transparent</theme> and <theme>intelligible</theme> work can endure.</point>
<point>Similarly, <theme>standards</theme> and <theme>standards-based technologies</theme> are essential for realizing the promises both of <theme>electronic books</theme> and of <theme>the web as a media platform</theme>.</point>
<point>I have developed <skill>XML</skill> tag sets and applications for both documentary publishing (such as journals and conference proceedings) and for more highly structured information processing systems. I am a leading practitioner of <skill>XSLT</skill>, and have designed and built schemas and validation systems using <skill>DTD</skill>, <skill>RNG</skill>, <skill>XSD</skill> and <skill>Schematron</skill>. I have also worked with <skill>XSL-FO</skill>, <skill>XQuery</skill>, <skill>SVG</skill> and much else.</point>
<point>I have designed and built solutions to <skill>hard problems in XSLT and XQuery</skill> such as <skill>overlap problems</skill>, and constructed, deployed and managed <skill>pipelining architectures</skill>. For pipelining I have used Apache <skill>Ant</skill>, <skill>XProc</skill> and XSLT natively (using <skill>Saxon</skill> extensions). I have used XSLT and XQuery for <skill>plain text conversion</skill>, <skill>indexing and profiling</skill>, <skill>heuristic and inferential analysis</skill> and (along with Schematron) for <skill>validation</skill>.</point>
<point>I am familiar with major XML-based documentary encoding formats including <skill>TEI</skill>, <skill>Docbook</skill>, <skill>DITA</skill> and <skill>NISO/NLM JATS</skill>, with their extension and profiling mechanisms, and with the joys and perils of boutique and <skill>custom-built solutions</skill>. I have used <skill>SVG</skill> extensively.</point>
<point>I have coded <skill>HTML</skill> and web pages since 1995, and <skill>CSS</skill> since its beginnings. I am following developments in web technologies including <skill>HTML5</skill> and <skill>JQuery</skill>. My experience includes <skill>EPUB</skill> production.</point>
<point>I have experience with <skill>a wide range of XML and XSLT toolkits and applications</skill>, including <skill>Apache Cocoon</skill> and <skill>oXygen XML Editor</skill>, which I am able to configure and customize.</point>
<point>I am competent on all the major operating systems, and most familiar with <skill>Windows</skill> (MS-DOS to Windows 7), as with common applications including <skill>MS Word</skill>, <skill>Excel</skill>, <skill>Open Office</skill> and so forth.</point>
<point>I have experience <skill>organizing and leading workshops</skill> and <skill>teaching courses</skill> in commercial and academic settings, and can <skill>write</skill>, <skill>edit</skill> and <skill>copy edit</skill>.</point>
<point><project href="http://wendellpiez.com/eatyourvegetables/" label="blog" rend="italic">Eat Your Vegetables</project> (a blog) includes informal writings such as personal reflections on the technologies I use. I publish infrequently and haphazardly.</point>
<point><project href="http://www.wendellpiez.com" label="web site">My professional web site</project> presents a range of materials including <project href="http://www.wendellpiez.com/resources.html">XML and XSLT resources</project>. I also post code to <project href="https://github.com/wendellpiez/">Github</project>.</point>
<point>I am a long-time member of <project href="http://ach.org/" label="ACH">ACH (the Association for Computers and the Humanities)</project> and of the <project href="http://www.tei-c.org/index.xml" label="TEI">TEI (the Text Encoding Initiative)</project>.</point>
<point>Prose by me has been published in print, several times.</point>
<point>My works and projects appear in Digital Humanities curricula. Some of my theoretical work has occasionally been cited. I am a developer and instigator of an alternative markup technology, <project href="http://lmnl-markup.org/" label="LMNL">LMNL (Layered Markup and Annotation Language)</project>, with interesting applications in (among other things) literary study.</point>
<point>I have contributed to <project href="http://dhhumanist.org/">HUMANIST</project> since 1996 and <project href="http://www.mulberrytech.com/xsl/xsl-list/index.html">XSL-List</project> since its inception in 1998. Participation in other lists varies and changes over time.</point>
<point>In 2007 I co-founded <project href="http://digitalhumanities.org/dhq/" label="DHQ">Digital Humanities Quarterly</project>, for which I serve as General Editor. Since 2008 I have been engaged with <project href="http://www.balisage.net">Balisage (The Markup Conference)</project> and its predecessor conferences (since 1998), as peer reviewer, contributor and technical support specialist.</point>
<point>Many of my solutions to common or tricky problems in XSLT are cited in the <project href="http://www.dpawson.co.uk/xsl/sect2/sect21.html">XSL FAQ</project>.</point>
<point>I am almost entirely quiet on <project>Google+</project> as <addr type="google">wendellpiez</addr> and on <project>Twitter</project> as <addr type="twitter">@WendellPiez</addr>.</point>
<period dates="2012 - current">Independent consultant operating as <place>Piez Consulting Services (Rockville MD)</place>.</period>
<period dates="2008 - current">Adjunct faculty, <place>University of Illinois GSLIS</place> (Graduate School of Information Science). Responsible for teaching LIS 590DPL, “Document Processing”.</period>
<period dates="1998-2012">Employed at <place>Mulberry Technologies, Inc. (Rockville, MD)</place>. Mulberry is a premier vendor of services in the <skill>XML and SGML</skill> industry. I built and supported internal systems (inevitably XML-based systems); worked for clients (demonstrating and building with <skill>XSLT</skill>, <skill>XSL-FO</skill>, Schematron and other languages, providing design and strategic services); and participated with colleagues in industry activities such as our annual conference series.</period>
<period dates="1995-1997">At the <place>Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities (Rutgers and Princeton Universities)</place>, I developed prototype <skill>SGML</skill> applications in the humanities for research and demonstration.</period>
<period dates="1991-1995">Taught various courses in the <place>Rutgers English Department</place> including composition and rhetoric. Worked as a Project Archivist in the <place>Rutgers Special Collections and University Archives</place>.</period>
<period dates="1985-1991">Attended graduate school at <place>Rutgers University Department of English (New Brunswick, NJ)</place>, where I focused on <skill>poetry</skill>, <skill>rhetoric</skill> and <skill>aesthetic theory</skill>. In <worktitle>Walter Pater’s Aesthetic Discipline</worktitle> (1991), I dissertated on the work of Walter Pater (1839-1894) in consideration of his concept of <called>ascesis</called>. Won awards for papers. MA (1986), PhD (1991).</period>
<period dates="1980-1985">Attended <place>Yale College (New Haven, CT)</place>. Studied mostly <skill>European languages and literatures including English and Anglo-Saxon, Ancient Greek and Latin, and German</skill>. Majored in Classics (BA 1984, Ancient Greek), concentrating on literature and ancient philosophy.</period>
<period dates="Before 1980">Attended high school at the <place>American School in Japan (Tokyo, Japan)</place>. Science and computer whiz. Scored 800 (top score) on ETS Math Level II Achievement Test. Played with microcomputer technology and early PCs (eg TRS-80). Learned <skill>BASIC</skill> and <skill>6502 Assembler</skill>. Provided informal technical support to a range of clients (classmates, teachers and employers). Collaborated to solve technical problems with partners (classmates, my dad). In earlier years my family was posted in <place>Reston, VA</place>, <place>Manila (Philippines)</place>, <place>Kabul (Afghanistan)</place>, and <place>Frankfurt (Germany)</place>.</period>
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