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Single-serving egg nog

Single-serving egg nog published on

Perfect! Especially in a household with only one egg consumer —


I happen to have simple syrup on hand (it’s a good cheat when making old-fashioned or Sazerac cocktails), which I’ll use instead of the fine sugar, or maybe I’ll find some of that, or even a little brown sugar. The nutmeg and vanilla extract will be premium stuff (Mexican vanilla from Pensey’s I think). I suggest pre-mixing for up to a month (there really is science to show that the microbes die off in eggnog if the proof is what it should be). Yes, this means you must plan ahead.

I love the advice here about bourbon and rum etc. I am not above making a triple-barrel nog: rye or bourbon, rum and a teeny smidge of cognac. Not that you’ll be able to taste it. There is nothing wrong with straight rye or bourbon for this application.

The nice thing about making nog by the egg is that you know exactly what you’re getting — one egg, one shot (hefty or not), one tablespoon sugar etc. This is way better than having a quart pitcher of eggnog in front of you, with no idea of what’s in it — then finding the pitcher is half gone, you need a nap (have become tired and emotional) and you have no room for dinner.

In any case, it deserves a cheer either way. Assuming you use good ingredients (farm egg and milk, spirits that are not too good to share with a friend, quality sweetener, no chemicals), there is nothing so delicious and restorative in the winter dark than a good egg nog.