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Some accounting for the nothing of it

Some accounting for the nothing of it published on

(The move to meta happens right away. No! Bad blog! Get it back on its leash.)

So finally I decided I needed a place to log and document current projects and interests, in the hope that some interaction with interested parties might offer me some guidance for the future. I need inputs; the only way to get them is to produce more outputs.

Then too, there’s the question of the “natural form” that any blog tends to take, whether professional or personal, and whether the lines between professional and personal are clear or blurry.

A major motivation for me is discovering that an 18-month lag time for major academic media publication makes for disjunction and asynchronization between levels of attention off and on the web. On the web, things come and go quickly: the half-life for attention is probably days. And I need that tighter feedback loop. Yet to meet other needs than simply diversion or entertainment, however, one needs things to be able to age. So one is writing always for the future as well as the present. This makes for bad writing. Probably the best productions on and for the web are written in the spirit of “here today, gone tomorrow”, even if the hope is that from all the dross, some metal might eventually be mined.

Rather than try and overthink it (always my tendency), I am going to try letting the strategy emerge. Welcome, dear reader, and please let me know what you think.