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  • XML, XSLT and related technologies including XQuery and XProc
  • Document processing and production approaches and methods
  • Markup schemas (design and development), schema languages (DTD, RNG, XSD), Schematron; workflow and process analysis; conversion (transformation) specification and implementation
  • Industry- and community-standard document models including TEI, DocBook, and NISO/NLM JATS
  • Web design and development; XHTML, SVG, Javascript; HTML5, JQuery

Teaching and training

Trained to be an English professor, I have worked in classrooms since 1987 instructing a wide range of students with every kind of preparation, or none. In particular, since 1996 I have taught markup, XML, XSLT and related topics to groups of every size in many settings, from personal (lab) instruction and workshopping, to lecture/demonstration with large groups.

Since 2008 I have served as adjunct faculty at the Graduate School for Library and Information Science (GSLIS) at the University of Illinois (UIUC).

Writing and public speaking

I have published in a range of venues on topics of practical and theoretical interest to specialists in electronic text and markup languages, and presented papers at many industry conferences including Digital Humanities and its predecessor conferences (since 1996), Extreme Markup Languages (until 2007), Balisage: The Markup Conference (since 2008), JATS-CON (since 2010) and others.

My publishing record is wide-ranging, including theoretical works (Beyond the Descriptive vs Procedural Distinction, 2001; How to Play XML: Markup Technologies as Nomic Game, 2010), reviews, and editorials (see DHQ).

My voice is familiar to readers of Willard McCarty's HUMANIST and of Mulberry Technologies' XSL-LIST.

See the on-line resumé for a more complete bibliography.

Research interests

  • The history, evolution and future of text and text-based media;
  • Information, text and systems;
  • The (so-called) “overlap problem” in markup-based information systems. See LMNL work at lmnl-markup.org.

Professional activities

(As of November 2013)

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